24th Apr 2020

Cleantech firm set for industry guide after our help

A patented cleaning process involving our water filters is set to be highlighted in a UK and European construction industry guide.

Our products feature in cleaning technology created by Kent-based Hydrosphere Innovations Ltd for use in closed-loop heating and cooling systems.

The Shard, Heathrow Terminal 3, Eurotunnel and the London Olympic Village are among the major developments where the water-saving technology has been used already, either for new installations or refurbishments.

Reflecting its success, Hydrosphere’s solution is now to be highlighted in the updated BG 29 guide to pre-commission pipework cleaning from BSRIA, the Building Services Research and Information Association. 

Amazon Filters Managing Director Neil Pizzey said: “The inclusion in BG 29 represents further independent recognition of the strengths of Hydrosphere technology.

“We’re thrilled to be their filtration partner as they bring its undoubted benefits to clients including water treatment specialists, specifiers, developers, building firms, contractors and M&E (mechanical and electrical) companies.”

Depending on project need, we can be invited to supply Hydrosphere with a combination of filter cartridges, housings and portable filtration skid systems.

Filters are typically 5 to 20 micron in size, with the 5 micron mainly used on new installations. Housings typically match 10 x 40” filters or 7 x 40” filters.

In addition, Hydrosphere are currently testing our new meltblown filter product KilBac on a renovation project at a major London tourist attraction.

As well as filter products and kit, we provide Hydrosphere with project consultancy and advice on specific filtration levels.

Peter Barrett, co-founder and Technical Director of Hydrosphere, said: “We are a cleantech company with a mission to eliminate damaging and polluting water processes in the construction industry.

“To achieve that, we are developing market-leading, environmentally responsible technology that improves water treatment standards. It’s all about revolutionising the pre-commissioning cleaning process.

“Amazon Filters are an ideal fit for us as a filtration partner. They have the experience and expertise to help with both our equipment and methods.”

Hydrosphere technology works by changing the chemistry and biology of the ‘make up’ water filling the heating or cooling system in question. It means that around 20-30 times less water is needed than a traditional flush approach and, critically, no toxic water needs to be disposed of.

In a further environmental benefit, the same treated water is then used to circulate and clean the system.

No water is wasted, no chemicals are flushed down the drain, there is no pollution or corrosion, and the operator has no need to apply for an effluent licence.

The circulating and cleaning stage also generates time savings of up to 40% compared with a traditional flush.

On larger installations, the volume of water in a heating and cooling system can be as much as 100,000 litres, so phased cleaning is not an issue.

Depending on whether it is a new system or one being refurbished, multiple change-outs may be required with different micron rating filters.

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