21st Aug 2017

How You Could Benefit From Investing In Amazon Filters Ferrostik

Water systems around the world will always have minerals and metals in them and some that will need to be filtered out, such as iron and manganese – both of which are not uncommon.

But you don’t have to put up with this and you can make a real difference to the water quality used in your business on heat transfer systems if you invest in equipment like FerroStik – a cleanable and reusable magnetic insert, inside the 80 Series range of bag filter housings.

The FerroStik magnetic inserts can be used to great effect to remove high levels of suspended iron and ferrous oxide that can be found in water. If this isn’t removed, it can quickly turn into food for bacteria known as Pseudomonas. This build up of bacteria has the potential to interfere with the operating of your recirculating water system, reducing efficiency and fouling sensitive instrumentation. The FerroStik can assist your bag filter by extending their life and improving filtrate quality.

The FerroStik is suspended on a plate, held inside the filter housing. Once the iron compounds have been successfully removed, the magnet can be cleaned and then go back to doing what it does best… filtering out the nasties in your water system.

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