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Plastic Housings

28 Series

28 Series plastic housings from Amazon Filters

28 Series plastic filter housings have been designed for use in a wide range of liquid applications within the processing industry. Most standard industrial disposable filter elements will fit this attractive range of filter housings, which include versions in polypropylene with clear or opaque bowls. All housings in the range will accept the industry standard Double Open End range of cartridges and the 28 Series Standard model also accepts Single Open End code 9 cartridges. Each of these models can be supplied with optional extras such as mounting brackets and releasing spanners.

Product Features:


  • 5 & 10” with 3/8” BSPF
  • Available for Code 0, DOE
  • Optional clear and opaque bowls


  • 10 & 20” with ¾” BSPF
  • Available for Code 0, DOE and Code 9, SOE
  • Optional clear and opaque bowls
  • High temperature Polyamide version
  • Optional pressure release button


  • 10 & 20” with 1 & 1½” BSPF
  • Available for Code 0, DOE
  • Optional clear and opaque bowls
  • Optional pressure release button

The complete range has been subjected to numerous cyclic and burst tests, to ensure consistently safe and reliable performance.
In addition, all plastics used have been subjected to total compatability tests and have been proved to be suitable for use with potable water.

Features and Benefits 

  • Choice of clear or opaque bowls for all 5, 10 and 20” versions
  • Models available to accept the conventional 2.5” O/D and B-Blue 4.5” O/D cartridges
  • Wide chemical compatibility using PP, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyamide and AS materials of construction
  • Polyamide version suitable for use in temperatures up to 73ºC
  • All models have BSPF threads for ease of installation
  • Push button pressure and air release available on most models
  • Robust and rugged designs suitable for most industrial applications

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