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Plastic Housings

27 Series GRP

27 Series GRP plastic housings from Amazon Filters

With water resources becoming less readily available, the use of larger and larger scale water treatment systems is increasing. Where extraction and purification of brackish and seawater is required the use of standard 304 or 316 stainless steel housings is not normally recommended. To help operators overcome these problems Amazon Filters has developed a filtration system comprising of a 27 Series GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) housing available in various lengths, and the large diameter SupaPleat FFC high flow filter. Where flow rates are high the use of a high surface area cartridge provides a more cost effective solution than standard 65mm diameter filters. This system has been specifically designed to reduce filtration costs associated with water purification. 


The 27 Series GRP housing consists of a GRP polymeric body with acetal connections. Housings are designed so that flow through the cartridge is optimised in ‘out to in’ mode and the robust construction provides a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar and maximum operating temperature of 45º C.

The external surface is painted and coated to provide protection from UV light damage.

Packaged Systems

Modular construction to suit all spaces and flow demands – full specification on demand.

Industries and Applications

  • Membrane protection in desalination plants and other industrial water purification systems
  • Capture of carbon particles shed from dechlorination systems
  • Control of resins downstream of deionisation columns
  • General particulate removal

Filter Cartridge

Amazon Filters manufactures SupaPleat FFC cartridges to be used with the 27 Series GRP housing. The range of large diameter SupaPleat FFC filters are specifically designed to reduce filtration costs in water purification. Utilising advanced pleated meltblown polypropylene media and an optimised pleat pack design has produced a very high surface area cartridge offering high flow rates and long filter life.

Features and Benefits

  • Design allows high flow rates minimising filtration costs and change-out times
  • Available in lengths of up to 60” so suitable for high flow systems
  • Suitable for brackish and salt water providing more cost effective option than superduplex or lined housings
  • PED Compliant
  • Design based upon standard RO membrane tubes so can be installed easily into water treatment systems

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