Improving Process Economics For SRP Membrane Protection

SupaSpun KilBac for Algal Control


SRP membranes are used to remove sulphur from seawater, but they need to be protected by pre-filters which remove larger particles before they can damage the membrane filters.

Pre-filters themselves are vulnerable to fouling, in particular biofouling from algal growth - a significant problem when filtering seawater. 

Our SupaSpun KilBac depth filters include micron-sized particles containing active silver, zinc and coppper, to combat algal and bacterial growth. By suppressing the growth of captured organic material, KilBac enables customers to avoid costly and premature membrane replacement.

Tested in Real-World Seawater Trials

Due to the often rapidly changing conditions of inlet seawater it is difficult to obtain definitive comparison testing when running different filters back-to-back, as run times vary even with identical sets of cartridges.

In this test programme, carried out in partnership with a global energy producer, three different specification filters were challenged in parallel with the same quality sea water and biological exposure.

They were the 5-micron anti-algal SupaSpun KilBac, the 5-micron antibacterial SupaSpun KilBac and the 5-micron untreated standard SupaSpun II filter.

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