Oil and gas refining relies on the effective operation of complex processes and equipment. The function of these can be adversely affected by particulate and liquid contamination in the feed streams. We have experience in developing filtration solutions based on dead end and coalescing technologies to ensure your process runs at optimum performance.

Need to reduce particulate contamination in your process?

Particle contamination can have serious consequences on the efficiency of processes such as amine sweetening, glycol dehydration and catalyst bed protection. Iron sulphide particles in the amine can result in reboiler tube failure, tray plugging inside the contactor and the regenerator, heat exchanger failure and frequent pump seal replacements. Catalyst bed efficiencies can be significantly reduced through plugging with particulate contamination. We can assist you in implementing the most appropriate cost effective filtration solution.

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Need to reduce particulate contamination in your process?
Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues?

Aggressive processes and chemicals can cause real problems with filter performance and the service life of pressure vessels. Manufacturing both our own pressure vessels and filters in house gives us the flexibility to supply products in number of materials. These include Duplex, Super Duplex, 316 and carbon steel lined with rubber, vinyl ester, glass flake. Filters can be manufactured from PP, Nylon, Polyester, Halar and Stainless Steel to ensure compatibility.

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Coalescers not performing as expected?

Many processes rely on the efficient separation of solids from liquids and liquids from liquids. Are you confident your separation stage is optimised? The effective separation is reliant on designing both the filter and the housing as one. We work using theoretical first principles in conjunction with years of design experience and empirical data to ensure separation performance is guaranteed. Provide us with detailed process parameters and the required specification and we will design bespoke solution for you.


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Concerns over Health and Safety

Concerns over Health and Safety?

Filter change outs in processes involving high pressures, temperatures and corrosion chemicals require careful consideration on filter housing designs to minimise the potential risks to the operator. Minimising exposure using containment systems and installing safety features to prevent opening under pressure are just some of the ways we can help reduce Health and Safety concerns

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Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


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