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See our range of expert filtration solutions for the dairy industry. 

Cultured products require strict, efficient, and consistent processes to prevent microflora and phage in the production line. At Amazon Filters, we can implement a robust HACCP programme that eliminates product contamination risks, either at the factory or on the supermarket shelf.

Our teams have years of experience providing filtration for the dairy industry. We can help you find the correct filtration for product-contact utilities such as water, steam, and air.

Strengthen the integrity of your sterile gas filters

Your sterile gas filters require a robust design that caters to out-of-spec differential pressures and bulk condensate. However, if the system is designed badly or oversimplified, it can compromise its long-term performance and fail.

Our experts can design a filtration solution that overcomes these common dairy filtration process problems.


Improve steam quality

Steam and steam condensate will contact your final product. Either indirectly following sterilisation of equipment, or when direct steam injection is used for UHT milk and ESL products. 

We can provide filtration that continues to perform under start-up conditions. And we’ll optimise performance with pipework and condensate trap layout.


Get sterile and efficient filtration for the dairy industry.

Whether you want to improve your aseptic packaging line or optimise dairy filtration, we’re here to help design a solution for your exact needs.

Get high-quality chase and make-up water

Our dairy filtration solutions can treat your water for dairy processing from the ‘point of entry’ of your building.

This is important, especially as the quality of municipal water can vary. Our solutions give you a clean and sanitised dairy production line and eliminate contamination issues.


What working with Amazon Filters can do for you

By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

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