16th Aug 2021

New housings launched for biopharmaceuticals sector

We have launched a new range of filter housings to aid critical processes in the production of biopharmaceuticals.

The single-stack 72C and 76C series conform to the latest iteration of the industry-leading ASME BPE standard and its criteria for hygienic design, materials construction and fabrication.

Ideal for the filtration of both liquids and gases, the range is designed to support all kinds of biopharmaceutical manufacture as well as traditional pharma API and critical industries such as medicinal creams, ointments and cosmetics production.

Benefits for producers include a greater opportunity to minimise the risk of by-product contamination caused by corrosion or batch-to-batch cleaning failures.

Conforming to ASME BPE on hygienic design, the housings are self-draining and easy to clean while ensuring effective ‘clean in place’ validation between batches.

On materials construction, the housings are made in line with the ASME BPE requirement for 1.4435 grade stainless steel with strict control on ferrite content for improved corrosion resistance.

They are supplied with all necessary documentation confirming chemical composition for full traceability of raw materials.

At the same time, their elastomeric seals and ‘o’ rings are built with all relevant FDA and USP approvals in place.

Fabrication incorporates approved weld procedures, automated orbital welding and input from expert team members with certified skills.  

The new range of housings has been supported by an investment programme in ‘quick and able’ welding capability at our production centre in Camberley, Surrey.

Andy Manning, Housing Operations Manager, said: “ASME BPE was first introduced back in 1997 as a response to the burgeoning biopharmaceutical sector and the need to ensure validation of cleaning between production batches. The latest revision was in 2019.

“The overall standard is made up of individual elements covering every aspect of critical process equipment design and manufacture. Being constantly updated means that it is always encompassing new material and fabrication technologies.

“Our investment programme, including automated welding, means we can continue to stay up to date on all aspects of the ASME BPE standard giving our pharmaceuticals customers complete reassurance when they run their critical processes.”

For more details on 72C and 76C housings, visit Sanitary Filter Housings | Amazon Filters.


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