20th Mar 2020

COVID-19 Continuity of Supply

COVID-19 Continuity of Supply

As you will be aware, the UK and Europe have seen an increasing rise of confirmed COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) cases and the UK Government are introducing new measures to reduce the spread of the infection which we are following closely.

We are committed to ensuring that continuity of supply is maintained so that our customers are not adversely affected by supply issues and we already have a number of initiatives in place to ensure this. 

However, with the changing situation we currently face, we would like to reassure you that we are taking the situation seriously and implementing additional measures to ensure that we are able to continue to offer the same service, quality and availability as usual. These measures include:

• Increased hygiene measures throughout the business for both staff and visitors;

• Following all UK Government guidelines relating to self-isolation and self-quarantine

• Stopping all international travel for our staff and all non-essential travel within the UK and stopping all nonessential visitors from attending Amazon sites

• Limiting internal face-to-face meetings to those that are essential only. Any meetings that go ahead are to be held in large rooms and numbers attending are minimised.

• New guidance has been introduced for transport companies attending our site in order to mimimise contact between drivers and Amazon staff;

• Key suppliers have been contacted to ensure that they are able to continue to supply

• Stock levels of finished goods and components have been increased to allow for potential disruption

• Introduction of home-working where possible

• Planning for different working practices to allow for continuity of our business functions.

In the case of any potential negative impact on our production in the short-to-medium term due to Covid-19, Amazon Filters Ltd commits to advising you as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

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