Chemicals and coatings
25th May 2021

Why VisClear II is the perfect replacement for resin bonded cartridges

The chemicals and coatings industry faces some unique filtration challenges. The liquids they filter can be highly viscous. They also work in high-temperature environments, and applications often involve using volatile chemicals.

Resin bonded cartridge (RBC) filters have generally been the only solution available that offers the extra level of rigidity needed to withstand this tough environment. But the performance of some RBCs has been inconsistent. They also contain phenolic resins with highly toxic substances, which are harmful to both the environment and the operators exposed to them.

These drawbacks have led to resin bonded cartridges, such as Micro-KleanTM RB, being removed from the market, leaving manufacturers struggling to find a suitable alternative. But not anymore.

Amazon Filters has the ideal alternative to resin bonded cartridges. VisClear II is a solution that offers the right level of rigidity, with none of the health, safety, or performance risks that come with resin-bonded cartridges. 

What is VisClear II?

VisClear II is our new, enhanced, and eco-friendly replacement for resin bonded cartridges.

Based on meltblown technology, Amazon Filters has developed a rigid cartridge structure for VisClear II. It has gone through many iterations and customer trials, evolving into a product that offers reliable performance and exceptional rigidity.

Discover a cleaner, eco-friendly alternative to resin-bonded cartridges. Learn more about VisClear II.

Why rigidity impacts your bottom line

When filtering highly viscous substances, a filter matrix can weaken and collapse for several reasons:

  • Differential pressure
  • High temperature
  • Chemical incompatibility

And when that happens, the consequences have a direct impact on your profits.

A collapsed filter matrix reduces porosity and flow rate. The filter can't perform as efficiently and will become blocked faster. Captured contaminants can also offload into the filtrate. As a result:

  • Your filtrate quality isn’t consistent, leaving you to deal with the costs of reworks and customer returns.
  • You spend more money buying replacement filters and downtime is increased while you replace blocked filters mid-batch.

That’s why rigidity is crucial to avoiding lost revenue.

While resin bonded cartridges have the required rigidity, efficiency can vary by up to 35% between batches. And the toxic phenolic resins involved aren’t eco-friendly or safe for operators.

The better alternative to resin bonded cartridges 

You need a greener, more reliable, and more efficient solution. That’s where VisClear II comes in. It offers:

  • Improved rigidity – Tougher filter fibres mean the filter matrix won’t collapse. So, no reduction in flow or mid-batch change-outs.
  • A cleaner process – We manufacture VisClear II filters with a tightly controlled process to guarantee quality. No particles will shed and contaminate your filtrate.
  • Safer for operators and better for the environment – The filters offer the rigidity you need without the use of toxic phenolic resins. 
  • Broader chemical compatibility – VisClear II filters are available in Nylon 6, Polyester, and Polypropylene.

We’ve developed and tested VisClear II extensively with several manufacturers in different sectors. We’ve replaced resin bonded cartridges for a wide range of coating and resin applications, from automotive to paper and polyester film. And the results have been highly successful.

*Micro-Klean is a registered trademark of 3M.

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