Nobody Loves A Prefilter

18th May 2020

The Thoughts of an Unappreciated Prefilter

You membrane filter guys get all the credit!  You say ‘We stop the bugs getting through. We guarantee the quality. Our performance is backed up by multiple reports and validation guides. We are the ones that really matter!’

As humble Prefilters we concede that you are important….. and also very expensive, especially if you are not protected!

Prefilters Extend Life & Save Money

Ever thought how we help you membrane filters enjoy a longer life and save your customer money?

The perceived wisdom is that we are not that important and therefore why pay good money for us? The fact is there is a huge difference in the performance of prefilters, depending on where you buy us from. It is possible to pick one of us up for next to nothing. Problem is, we would probably do next to nothing in protecting and improving the life of you membrane guys.

To prove how important good quality prefiltration is, Amazon Filters Ltd ran a few tests with some of my colleagues on protecting a 0.2µ membrane filtering a basic nutraceutical formulation.


The testing consisted of filtering to blockage (1.5bar differential pressure) and assessing the volume processed using three different prefilters. These had increasing efficiencies starting with the lowest (prefilter 1) to the highest (prefilter 3). I am proud to say that prefilter 3 is me… a little more expensive than the rest but just see what a difference I make!

The table below shows the difference in the relative cost of the filtration process when compared to the best one, prefilter 3.


Important learning

Test 1 : Not protecting your membrane filter can be very expensive (3.5 times the cost to filter the same volume)

Test 2 : Our surface area is not the determining factor in how long we last (prefilter 1 has 1.56 times the surface area of prefilter 3 but the filtration train only processes 43% of the volume)

Test 4 : Spending a little more on us can have significant impact on reducing overall costs (an additional spend of 20% per prefilter resulted in a 45% reduction in cost)

And remember, ensure you purchase us from a reputable manufacturer who can demonstrate consistent performance and quality. We don’t want to let you down.

Of course, this is just one nutraceutical product and the prefiltration requirements are different for every process, meaning you need to think carefully about what will work best rather than throw any old prefilter in. I hope you now understand how important we are in your filtration process and that you can maybe show us a little more love in the future…Because we’re worth it!

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