Oil and gas
1st Nov 2022

New eBook: Effective water filtration in the oil and gas industry

With rising energy demands, stringent legislation, and volatile prices, oil and gas companies have a lot to think about.

To deliver on expectations and protect profits, they need to maximise production. However, producers experience an average of 27 days of downtime a year – that’s a loss of 675 million USD based on 220,000 barrels a day. To avoid this, it’s crucial to assess every step of the oil and gas production process so it’s as efficient as possible.

The role of water filtration

Filtering water is an important part of upstream production and poses an equally big opportunity to improve efficiency. Weaknesses in the water filtration solutions used for injection, produced, or drinking water can shorten filter life, reduce the filter flow rate, and even cause cartridges to burst or become un-seated. This all leads to downtime and jeopardises profits.

It's difficult to find the right filtration solution because factors like the type of water, contaminant levels, and earlier solids removal stages affect what’s required. But it’s important to persevere to protect your process, people, and production.

Our new whitepaper explores this in more detail. We delve into the importance of efficient filtration, the pitfalls to avoid, and top tips to improve your process.

What's inside?

  • The role of water in energy production and why it's important to get filtration right
  • Water filtration techniques and technology
  • The drawbacks of ineffective filtration solutions
  • Tips to improve your process, save money, reduce downtime, and boost production
  • What to expect from a supplier and how to get the best from them

Download your copy to start optimising your upstream process today.

Start optimising your upstream water filtration process today. Read the eBook.

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