A Greener Future

Our New Sustainable Polypropylene Filter Cartridge Range

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Amazon Filters is leading the way in the adoption of using polypropylene manufactured from sustainable feedstocks, such as waste cooking oil, in the production of its meltblown cartridge filters.

This initiative will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of our meltblown filter range, minimising our impact on the environment, while also allowing our customers to meet their sustainability goals.

All meltblown filter media supplied from Spring 2024 will be manufactured from renewable polypropylene.

Importantly, the specification of the polypropylene is identical and product part numbers remain unchanged. This allows a seamless transition to the sustainable version.

So, what makes the filters sustainable?

Amazon Filters’ meltblown products will use polypropylene made from sustainably sourced feedstocks. These are derived from waste and excess vegetable oils, such as used cooking oil and residues from vegetable oil processing.

This sustainable feedstock is used to manufacture Bio-Propane, the starting point in the manufacture of the propylene monomer. This is subsequently used for the production of the final grade polypropylene. The advanced processing techniques used on the vegetable oil results in the purity of the Bio-Propane exceeding that derived from fossil based feedstock. 

Utilising waste vegetable oil is no different to using hydrocarbon feedstocks that originate in different countries or even different oil fields in the same region - each batch of oil will have slightly different properties, but the feedstock processing accounts for that, resulting in the same specification and quality of monomers. 

As the plant-based material has taken carbon out of the environment during its lifespan it offsets the amount of carbon going into the environment from using the fossil based monomers.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Replacing one tonne of conventional polypropylene with the new sustainable material will remove 2.1 tonnes of carbon emissions.

This translates to a significant reduction of 1kg in carbon emissions for every 30" meltblown filter. 

ISCC Plus Certified

The polypropylene we use is sourced from a manufacturing plant that is certified under ISCC PLUS, the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system for supply chains.

This confirms that the feedstock is sustainable and traceable to its point of origin. The certification provides an independent and globally recognised assurance that there is a credible reduction of carbon footprint.

ISO Accredited

A 'Cradle-to-Gate' life cycle assessment study (LCA) has been conducted  in accordance with ISO 14040 and 14044 :2006. This verifies the carbon reductions compared to traditionally manufactured polypropylene.

Also, our accreditation to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard for Environmental Management Systems ensures we continually seek to minimise waste and avoid pollution in our manufacturing activities.