SupaCarb BP

SupaCarb BP cartridges use a unique sintered carbon technology that combines the best features of both powdered (PAC) and granular (GAC) activated carbon in one cartridge. These elements use SupaGard spun bonded media as a pre-filtration layer and are available with moulded polymer ends for superior sealing and enhanced product performance.

SupaCarb BP offers an extremely economical solution to many common liquid treatment applications.

Product Features

  • Unique sintered block using both granular and powdered carbon
  • Modular construction up to 1017mm (40”)
  • Polymer materials meet US FDA Title 21requirements

Combining high purity powdered and granular carbon provides the very highest available surface area for a 10” cartridge. The resultant superior adsorption and on-stream life makes the SupaCarb BP the very best choice of carbon cartridges.

Equipped with 5µm nominal rated spun bonded polypropylene pre-filtration layers and a full range of welded end caps, SupaCarb BP is the ideal choice for those requiring activated carbon cartridges. Compared with conventional Granular Activated Carbon cartridges, the SupaCarb BP will not fluidise, channel or bypass, therefore maximising the effectiveness of the carbon media.

Features and Benefits

  • Large carbon surface area exhibits excellent chlorine reduction characteristics
  • Graded density pre-filtration layer for effective sediment removal and protection of the carbon media
  • All polymeric construction offers excellent chemical compatibility and stability in aqueous solutions
  • Minimal carbon release when compared to conventional loose filled granular (GAC) style cartridges
  • Identification embossed on every cartridge
  • Construction eliminates fluidising, channelling or bypass
  • Can be sanitised and steam sterlised

Download the SupACarb BP Datasheet



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