Sanitary Housings

The hygienic 70 Series range is manufactured to have a high quality surface finish and is suitable for the most critical applications found in the Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals and Beverage industries.

71 Series710110-b-cutout-e1431604096621

The 71 Series Hygienic Vent filter cartridge housing is designed primarily for tank venting applications. The single common inlet / outlet connection is suited for direct mounting on to most sealed storage vessels, whilst the quick release seal-less Vee clamp closure allows for rapid filter changeouts. These housings are ideal where free movement of clean air is of prime importance

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72 Series72-Series-Cutout-e1431618339404

The 72 Series Hygienic single cartridge housing is available for elements up to 30” long. The ‘T’ style configuration is ideally suited to small pilot scale or laboratory based processes for pressures up to 10 bar g. Base mounted, this free standing conventionally styled housing will suit processes where there is a need to allow easy access to all internal areas. This housing is also available as an in-line version.

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73 Series73-Series-e1431619799610

The 73 Series hygienic multi stack cartridge housing is available with 3, 5, 8 & 12 element stacks up to 30” long. This leg mounted, free standing housing with domed cover is the ideal choice for all hygienic systems when using Single Open End plug in style cartridges. The simple lightweight dome allows full and easy access to the cartridges for rapid changeouts and the housings can be dismantled for full cleandowns.

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74 Series74-O12-Open

The 74 Series single cartridge housing is available for elements up to 30” long. The plenum style configuration is ideally suited to both liquid and gas processes for pressures up to 10 bar g, full vacuum and 150°C. Mounted inline, this plenum styled housing will suit processes where there is a need to allow easy access to all internal areas, therefore assisting in the general cleanliness of the process system in which the filter is to operate.

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76B Series76B

The 76 Series single cartridge housing is a high quality product specifically designed for critical applications. It is manufactured to provide a 0.4µm RA crevice free sanitary finish on all internal surfaces. The hygienic design ensures the housing is easy to clean and can be sanitised or steam sterilised readily. The base of the housing provides a sump for collection of excess liquid/condensate where necessary.

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