Pleated Filters

Amazon Filters is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cartridge and capsule filters. We offer a wide range of products to ensure we can supply the optimum system for each application.

supaporeppSupaPore PP/XP

All polypropylene SupaPore PPG filters are designed as effective prefilters to membrane filters and as final polishing filters. They are suitable for many liquid processing applications and can also be used for particulate control in air and gases. They are available in a range of absolute removal ratings and offer excellent chemical compatibility.

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supaporettSupaPore FP

SupaPore FPG filters are designed as effective prefilters to membrane filters, as bioburden reduction filters and for final polishing applications. They are suitable for many liquid processing applications and can also be used for particulate control in air and gases. The SupaPore FPW range is specifically designed for use in beverages.

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supaporehalarSupaPore Halar

SupaPore Halar filters are constructed using Halar ECTFE media . Halar ECTFE is a fluoropolymer offering a unique combination of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance and are specifically designed to offer excellent filter compatibility and effective removal of particulates from solvents and solvent based liquids. They also provide high flow rates, low pressure drops and long life.

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supaporevpbevSupaPore Nanofibre

SupaPore Nanofibre filters contain a pleated filter media that exhibits a very high level of positive charge under a wide range of process conditions. This provides a cartridge that offers both high flow and removal of ultrafine contaminants such as endotoxins, bacteria, viruses, colloids, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

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SupaPore-Hop-montageSupaPore H0P

SupaPore H0P vent filters are specifically designed for venting applications on tanks and vessels and for the filtration of inlet gas and off-gas in fermentation applications. These cartridges contain a very fine rated borosilicate glass fibre media surface modified with fluoropolymer to provide excellent hydrophobic properties.

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03-1-CutOut-e1432131734765SupaPleat II

The SupaPleat II series is a range of high surface area pleated depth filters providing both high levels of removal efficiency and low pressure losses. Cartridges can be supplied with either polypropylene or glass fibre media and with a selection of connection options so are suitable for a wide range of applications. Amazon also supplies polypropylene media SupaPleat B-Blue cartridges.

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16-2-CutOut-Cropped-e1431508479953SupaPleat Plus

SupaPleat Plus high surface area pleated depth cartridges have been developed to suit industrial processes where high levels of efficiency are required, whilst maintaining extremely low pressure losses. In-house developments have optimised the filter media to give higher levels of porosity, and state of the art manufacturing technologies give excellent build quality.

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SupaPleat-plusSupaPleat Plus Ink

The new SupaPleat Plus Ink filters range designed specifically for the Digital Ink Market, combine highly efficient removal of microgels and defined dispersion classification with high flow rates and low pressure drops. The filter cartridges are manufactured using a hybrid construction of pleated and depth technology in the same filter. This provides a cartridge that offers nine different multi-layered media configurations of varying efficiency, providing excellent dispersion classification whilst maximising colour intensity. This dedicated range of filters have been designed to provide optimum filtration for all print head technologies leading to improved jetting performance

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supapleathfcSupaPleat HFC

The SupaPleat HFC range offers all the benefits of SupaPleat II filters, but in a large diameter format. This results in a cartridge with a very high surface area of media and high flow rates. Available with either polypropylene or glass fibre media they minimise the system footprint and enable fast cartridge change-outs.

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supapleatbblueSupaPleat B-Blue

SupaPleat B-Blue filters are large diameter, high surface area pleated cartridges offering maximum efficiency and exceptionally high flow capabilities. They have been developed to suit larger scale processes where high performance is required. The filters incorporate advanced pleated depth media providing low pressure loss and high dirt capacity.

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supapleathfcSupaPleat HFC SRP

Amazon Filters Ltd have developed absolute rated SupaPleat HFC SRP cartridges specifically for the Sulphate Removal Process. Their use can maximise membrane life, reduce replacement costs and avoid unexpected interruptions to the process. SupaPleat HFC SRP multi-layered pleated depth filter elements provide absolute ratings, long life and high flow rates.

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