A £60 million drinking water treatment plant is now under construction, designed by Dutch firm PWNT for South West Water. It has now seen 300 days of construction completed – and it is in fact the first large-scale ceramic membrane treatment plant in the UK.

The Mayflower Water Treatment Works project has thus far seen 5,000 cubic metres of concrete laid down (which is apparently enough to fill 65 shipping containers), 965 tonnes of steel fixed and 72,000 tonnes of earth moved. Some 7,380 metres of new pipeline have also been laid and 122,555 hours have been worked without injury.

It is intended to replace the treatment works at Crownhill in Plymouth, which was built back in the 1950s and is now somewhat outdated. Water companies in the UK and beyond are growing increasingly interested in the new treatment plant, since it will be using innovative processes to deliver cleaner water more efficiently, which will also help to keep bills down for consumers.

Stephen Bird, managing director of South West Water, said: “After years of planning and months of hard work on site it is exciting to see our flagship water treatment works taking shape. We’re approaching the halfway point of the construction timetable and while there is plenty more to do, real progress is being made.”

The company is also investing £6 million at Tottiford Water Treatment Works in South Devon to install six granular activated carbon filters, as well as an ultraviolet disinfection system and a new pumping station.

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This entry was posted on 17th Mar 2017