In beverage packaging it is important that the product, wine, water or beer are microbiologically stabilised for prolonged shelf life. This needs to be achieved without affecting the nature of the product and in a cost effective manner.


Minimising the cost of stabilisation whilst maintaining beverage quality remains a constant driver, in response to this industry need, Amazon has developed three industry specific PES membrane filters, VPW, VPWA and the VPWS optimised to individual beverage applications.

The VPW is the first choice for most applications in red and white wine applications, however where the wine presents challenges from a life perspective then the VPWA is used, because of its integral prefilter layer that significantly extends life. Finally the VPWS has been developed for applications where life of the cartridge filter is related to a high number of steam sterilization cycles prior to replacement. The VPWS offers this life benefit.

They both provide excellent flow rates and superior throughputs, without affecting taste, aroma or colour. All materials of construction meet both European and US food contact requirements.

Amazon Filters will be showcasing its advanced product range for the food and beverage industry at SIMEI in Fiera, Milan Italy from 3rd – 6th November. We will be based in Hall 11, Stand T09 showcasing our SupaPore VPW, SupaPore FPW and SupaSpun II filters and its extensive range of standard and custom housings for all beverage application.

The SupaPore VPW filters contain an advanced single layer membrane that offers the highest flow rates.

 Features and Benefits of SupaPore VP membrane filter range:

  • High surface area offering high flow rates and long life
  • Utilises naturally hydrophilic PES membrane providing low adsorption of protein, colour and flavour components
  • Cartridge exhibits wide chemical compatibility and can be regenerated for extended service life
  • Repeatedly integrity testable to assure consistent performance throughout their service life
  • Range of removal ratings and validated for consistent and reliable performance
  • Suitable for most sanitisation regimes including steaming, hot water flush and most common sanitising procedures.

SupaPore VPW

Industries and Applications:

Wineries – Reduction of spoilage organisms and sterilisation prior to bottling.

Breweries – Yeast Reduction, cold stabilisation prior to packaging and sterilisation of dealcoholised liquors.

Soft Drinks – Sterile filtration of mineral water and sterilisation of product make-up water.

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This entry was posted on 30th Oct 2015