Client: Major Ophthalmic Product Manufacturer
Location: Southern UK
Sector: Healthcare

Amazon Case StudyAbout the Project:

The Ophthalmic Saline producer had been using another filter manufacturer as their supplier for a number of years, but customer support and service levels had fallen below what is required.

Filtration is a critical component in many of the production processes and a lack of support posed a risk to the manufacturing operations. Amazon Filters is one of Europe’s leading process filter manufacturers and offer the level of Technical and Logistical support required by the filter user.

Amazon was invited to offer alternative filter systems to those currently used.

Production Operations on site are serviced by a saline ring main. To ensure the saline solution is protected from contamination by microorganisms, 0.2 micron rated sterilising filters are used within the ring main. The recirculating saline is passed through the filter cartridges to remove any bacteria present. Previously cellulose based membrane cartridges were used for this  application.

Amazon’s solutions and reasons for change:

Amazon Case Study 1Amazon’s alternative to the existing filters is their SupaPore VP filters.

These sterilising grade filters are manufactured using a polyethersulphone (PES) membrane rated at 0.2 microns. This ‘state of the art’ polymeric filter is  manufactured from regulatory compliant materials and offers high flow rates and a robust construction.

One of the other main driving forces for the change was that the membrane cartridge being used was a filter which is manufactured using technology that is decades old and there were concerns it may be withdrawn from the market.

Benefits for the filter user:

The Amazon filter cartridges are fully qualified for critical processes, therefore change control procedures were kept to a minimum and introduction into the process was simple. The change provided a more secure source of supply and the service levels Amazon provide fully meet the user’s needs. In addition the use of Amazon’s filters reduced the operational costs by approximately 50% and provided dual source supply.

Download the Case Study here.

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This entry was posted on 7th Jul 2015