Steaming of High Flow Filters
High flow filters such as SupaPleat HFC are used in a wide range of applications, but typically have not been used where steam sterilisation/sanitisation is required as these filters have not been qualified to provide a claim for steaming. More widespread use of high flow filter systems has resulted in increased use in more critical applications where greater control of bioburden is beneficial and the use of a filter that can be steamed advantageous.

Therefore Amazon Filters has carried out a testing programme to evaluate the performance of SupaPleat HFC filters and are now able to confirm they can be steamed at up to 121°C for up to 10 x 15 minute cycles. This information has been added to the Product Validation Guide and Sales Datasheet and now the user has a choice to use either hot water, chemical or steam sanitisation of their system. This flexibility and the convenience it offers are typically unavailable from other suppliers of high flow systems.

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This entry was posted on 4th Jan 2013