We have published a White Paper highlighting the need for Facilities Maintenance managers and engineers to understand the need for Side Stream filtration in water systems within non-domestic buildings.

AF Whitepaper

Download the White Paper here.

Facilities Managers and Building Services Engineers have the responsibility to ensure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the occupants.  They also manage building maintenance of critical systems such as heating and air conditioning.  There’s no doubt that improvements in the engineering of water systems to improve energy efficiency has been due to broader efforts to improve organisations’ bottom lines as well as general and legislative requirements for greater energy efficiency within non-domestic building stock. In the case of heating and cooling systems, efforts to modernise systems and improve engineer efficiency have resulted in the use of key components that are more vulnerable to suspended solids contamination and if this is not managed by improved system design, more prone to partial or full failure.

Therefore it is even more vital now that Facilities Maintenance and engineering managers understand the need for Side Stream filtration in water systems and a new White Paper from Amazon Filters is a useful tool for gaining the knowledge.

Download the White Paper here.

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This entry was posted on 19th Mar 2014