About the Project:

Amazon Filters Paddington Case StudyPaddington Central is a new prestige commercial and retail site adjacent to the redeveloped Paddington Station. Chilled Water (CHW) and Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) Side Stream filters were specified by the Contractor to ensure accurate temperature control at this high profile building complex.

The CHW system volume was particularly large, operating with in excess of 20,000 litres of fluid.

One part of the circuit was classified as ‘Critical’ therefore a secondary ‘boosted pump’ system was installed in the basement to ensure zero fluid loss and to maintain maximum operating efficiency.

This was vitally important to maintain the comfort of the users and visitors to the complex.

Project Challenges:

Due to the critical nature of this building, flushing filters were used during the commissioning phase to ensure a high level of cleanliness at the start. Once the system had been commissioned operational filter cartridges were fitted to maintain the cleanliness levels.

There were project critical deadlines that had to be met, with significant consequences for not meeting them, therefore delivery of equipment on time was essential.

To find out which products were used within this project, download the case study here.

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This entry was posted on 6th May 2014