Side Stream cartridge filter systems used for cleaning recirculating hot and cold water circuits can benefit from enhanced protection by utilising an Amazon FerroStik cleanable magnetic pre-filter.  The Amazon FerroStik magnetic pre-filter is an innovative application of magnetism, designed to extend the life of cartridge filters.

Protect your Side Stream Filtration System with FerroStik magnetic cleanable pre-filters

Side Stream filters are typically used to remove suspended solids and treated biofilm from hot and cold recirculating water systems.  The life of these filters can be increased by protecting them upstream with an Amazon FerroStik magnetic ‘pre-filter’.

The FerroStik unit accommodates high intensity magnetic rods suspended in a stainless steel bag filter housing (which itself acts as a coarse pre-filter). This will remove both large and small ferrous particulate which would otherwise either block the filter cartridges or be carried over post filtration.  Once fouled the magnets can be simply cleaned off and returned to duty.

The benefits of using a FerroStik cleanable magnetic pre-filter include:

  •  Increased filter life
  •  Reduced running costs
  •  Longer service intervals
  •  Reduced down time
  •  Cleaner system
  •  Improved protection of valves, heat exchangers etc.

Clean Ferrostik units

Clean FerroStik Units

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This entry was posted on 5th Feb 2014