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Heating Jackets | 50 & 70 Series Housings | Amazon Filters

Heating jackets for 50 & 70 series housings from Amazon Filters

There are many industries where heating jackets are required. These include Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical or Chemical Production. These are generally seen as a method to offer process fluid stabilisation or system protection, i.e. the need to maintain a constant temperature of the process fluid which can be critical so as to maintain products quality.

The two heating jacket options which are available:

  • A one or two piece flexible moulded silicone rubber design
  • A one or two piece stainless steel hard bodied jacket

Product Features

Silicone – For non-hazardous area usage:

  • One or two piece construction
  • Easy fit to most standard single and 5 stack hygienic style cartridge filter housings
  • Heating temperature range 0 – 80°C

Stainless Steel – for ATEX rated or hazard classified zones:

  • One or two piece construction
  • Suitable for ATEX zone 1 and 2
  • Heating temperature range 0 – 135°C

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