76B Series

Hygienic Style Single Stack Filter Housing

The 76B Series single cartridge housing is a high quality product specifically designed for critical applications.

It is manufactured to provide a 0.4µm RA crevice free sanitary finish on all internal surfaces. The hygienic design ensures the housing is easy to clean and can be sanitised or steam sterilised readily. The base of the housing provides a sump for collection of excess liquid/condensate where necessary.

76B Series housings are suitable for the filtration of both liquids and gases and will accept the full range of Amazon and industry standard code 7 (226) style single open-ended cartridges with nominal lengths of 10, 20 and 30”.

For small scale applications a Junior version is available.

Product Features

  • 0.4µm RA internal finish for critical liquid and gas applications
  • Rated at up to 10 bar and full vacuum in gases
  • Suitable for operating temperatures from –10°C up to 150°C
  • Plenum chamber for improved flow characteristics and condensate drainage
  • High quality cast Vee band clamp threaded closure for ease of use, safety and security
  • Offered with a wide range of connection sizes and types including Staubli connections
  • Available for a range of cartridge lengths
  • CE marked
  • Full traceability on all parts, material certification packs available

Features and Benefits

  • High quality crevice free surface finish to 0.4µm RA to assist in maintaining a sanitary system
  • Minimal pressure drops in high flow applications
  • Junior version available for small scale and pilot plant  applications
  • Plenum chamber provides sump for condensate drainage
  • Rated at up to 10 bar and full vacuum in gases
  • Suitable for a wide range of process temperatures
  • Every housing is etched with a serial number for full traceability
  • Full housing customisation service available

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