SupaSpun II Mn R31

The SupaSpun II Mn has been specifically developed to provide a cost-effective solution for manganese removal down to below 1ppb where capital investment and operational costs of traditional sandfilters are not viable.

Working in close collaboration with municipal water suppliers the unique melt-blown fibre construction of the SupaSpun II Mn has been shown to be an extremely effectively substrate for initial seeding of Mn(IV) and subsequent acceleration of removal through catalytic action.

Filter Construction

The varying polypropylene fibre diameters and packing density throughout the filter result in a design optimised for manganese retention and volumetric throughput. With over 30 years of experience in the production of filters using the melt blowing process the consistency and specification of the structure is guaranteed.

Water Quality

Reducing levels to below 1ppb at the water treatment works (WTW) may seem unnecessary but many studies have shown that even small amounts of Mn(II) in the water distribution network can precipitate out through changes in pH etc, with subsequent accumulation and sloughing off pipework walls to create discolouration and flavour taints at the point of use. Installing the SupaSpun II Mn will significantly reduce the incidence of manganese accumulating in the distribution network.

Potable Water Approvals

SupaSpun II Mn R31 filters comply with a range of potable water regulations and their use can help users meet legal requirements.

Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations

The filters are approved in UK, Scotland and Wales for use in public water supplies and are included in the UK Secretary of State’s List of Approved Products for use in connection with the supply of water for drinking, washing, cooking & food production.

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)

Filters have passed the UK Water Bylaws/ WRC ‘Full Test of Effect on Water Quality (BS6920:Part 3) – Cold Water Use’ and are approved for use in potable water (Approval No. 1703501)

Features and Benefits

  • DWI approved and hence meets key municipal water regulatory requirements
  • Optimised meltblown fibre construction that accelerates manganese precipitation and removal
  • Installation costs <25% of traditional sandfilters meaning smaller boreholes can be brought on stream to cater for fluctuating demands
  • High volume throughputs and flowrates in conjunction with multi-round bespoke filter housings and filters up to 60” in length
  • Easily retrofitted into existing systems
  • Rental skid systems available with SupaSpun II Mn

Download the SupaSpun II Mn R31 datasheet

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