SupaPore VP Biological Filters

SupaPore VPGVPB and VPBA cartridges use a high flow, highly Asymmetric hydrophillic PES membrane and the VPBA contains a built in pre-filter. The supporting pre-filter layer and membrane combination improves on steam life and dirt holding capacity making VPBA cartridge an ideal choice for the Pharmaceutical Industry where challenging or heavily loaded solutions are to be processed.

The SupaPore VPBA has proven successful in API or Pharmaceutical manufacturing, where contamination levels are known to be higher, or where a double layer membrane is required, or bioburden control is critical to successful filtration. The dual layer construction of the SupaPore VPBA improves wetting for integrity testing and reduces the risk of false failure. This additional membrane layer holds the water used to wet the filter against the final layer, therefore achieving more effective wetting.

The VPB Biological grade cartridge is ideal for final sterilising or bioburden reduction applications, the high flow capacity is achieved with extremely low differential pressure.

The VPG General grade cartridge is ideal for bioburden reduction or particulate control, the high flow capacity is achieved with extremely low differential pressure.

All cartridges are thermally bonded and adhesive free. Each unit is pre-flushed with ultra-pure water and integrity tested before final assembly.

  • Meets current USP Class VI requirements
  • Meets US requirements for materials intended to come into contact with food described in CFR Title 21
  • Meets the requirements for food contact as detailed in European Regulation (EC) Number 1935/2004
  • Full product validation guide available
  • Available in a wide range of grades & absolute rated pore sizes.

Amazon Filters manufactures a comprehensive range of filter housings for SupaPore cartridges including the industrial 50 and 60 Series and the 70 Series for hygienic applications. Please consult our Sales Office for further details on the full range.

Features and Benefits

  • Naturally hydrophilic PES membrane
  • Optional integral pre-filter layer on VPBA
  • 5 to 40” length options with a range of common end caps
  • Comprehensive validation guide available
  • Low binding for minimal active ingredient loss
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Can be regenerated for extended service life
  • Can be repeatedly integrity tested
  • Range of removal ratings and validated for consistent and reliable performance
  • (Note: steaming, autoclaving and hot water sanitisation must use the glass filled end-cap option)

*1 See product guides for further details stating test method and rated efficiencies

Download the SupaPore VPG datasheet

Download the SupaPore VPB datasheet

Download the SupaPore VPBA datasheet



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