SupaPore H0P Filters are specifically designed for Air and Gas applications in all areas of the process world. These cartridges contain a very fine rated borosilicate glass fibre media surface modified with fluoropolymer to provide excellent hydrophobic properties. This ensures high flow rates and low pressure drops are achieved under a wide range of conditions. They are available in standard cartridge formats and as screw thread Junior Filters. 

Product Features

  • Double layer hydrophobic media rated at 0.02µm in air and gas
  • Optional Stainless Steel internal support core for enhanced flow rates
  • Performance validated by bacterial aerosol challenge by an independent laboratory
  • Standard Polypropylene assembly and support
  • Available with a range of adaptors and in multiple lengths
  • Long steam sterilisation life
  • Validation guide available

The use of a hydrophobic media in SupaPore H0P cartridges helps prevent the filter from wetting-out during use. This is critical in applications where water vapour is present to ensure that air flow into and out of the equipment is maintained. Typical applications include compressed air streams, fermentation feed and off-gas lines, tanks containing liquids at elevated temperatures, autoclaves where steam may come into contact with the filter and for gas and air processes. The high flow characteristics of SupaPore H0P filters allow the use of smaller filters keeping costs to a minimum.

Features and Benefits

  • High flow rates allow the use of smaller filters
  • Validated performance assuring effective removal of bacteria
  • Hydrophobic media prevents wetting out of the filter
  • All SupaPore cartridges are manufactured under strict control with batch number identification, giving full traceability on all components

To download a copy of the SupaPore H0P Hydrophobic Air and Gas Filter datasheet click here

To download a copy of the SupaPore H0P Autoclave and Tank Vent Filter datasheet click here

Amazon Filters manufactures a comprehensive range of housings for SupaPore H0P filters including the 50 and 60 Series for general applications and the 70 Series for more hygienic applications.