Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon is commonly used for the removal of chlorine, heavy metals, low molecular weight coloured impurities, reduction of odours and for the capture of catalysts by the Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Chemical industries. Using loose activated carbon powder presents many operational challenges due to concerns about Health and Safety and plant cleanliness. To help users overcome these problems Amazon Filters supplies cartridges containing immobilised activated carbon that provides effective removal of contaminants in a clean and easy to use format.

SupaCarb BP

SupaCarb BP cartridges contain a unique mixture of both granular and powdered activated carbon formed into a sintered block. This provides excellent adsorption of contaminants in a wide range of processes. The carbon bock is protected by a polypropylene prefiltration layer to maximise life. SupaCarb BP offers effective and economic performance for general applications.

SupaCarb CP

SupaCarb CP offers the very best in activated carbon technology. It is manufactured using a unique sintered carbon that is specifically designed for maximum decolourisation and reduction of organic contamination. SupaCarb CP is made using a high purity activated carbon particularly suited to pharmaceutical applications. The carbon bock is protected by a polypropylene prefiltration layer to maximise life.

SupaCarb BE

SupaCarb BE cartridges contain an acid washed high purity coconut based activated carbon block and are suitable for removal of contaminants from potable water. The carbon block is protected with a double layer spun bonded prefilter layer to ensure maximum life. SupaCarb BE modules are available as standard diameter cartridges or as the large diameter B-Blue version for extended throughputs.

SupaCarb RP/XP

SupaCarb RP/XP modules utilise a multilayered carbon impregnated polyester felt wound around a central core. The use of a polymeric substrate provides good chemical compatibility and reduced risk of microbiological contamination when used in long term water applications. This cartridge provides economy with removal efficiency for chlorine, odour, colour and trace organic materials.


SupaSorb cartridges are designed to provide effective removal of oil and hydrocarbons from water. They provide outstanding performance offering 99% removal efficiency and each cartridge can absorb up to 300% of its weight in hydrocarbons. They can be operated at high flow rates, therefore offer a compact solution for oil removal that reduces environmental impact from spent cartridges.