Monthly Archive: Maj 2015

Cleanable high flow filters for on-shore gas plant - Case Study

About the project: A major on-shore gas plant in North Africa has a major filtration system for the filtration of the produced water prior to injecting down the well. The operator has been using polypropylene filters and experiencing excellent retention of contaminants, but the nature of the oil in the water led to frequent and premature plugging of the cartridges. Project challenges: In an effort to reduce operational costs, Amazon Filters developed an alternative all …

This entry was posted on 27th May 2015

Bespoke enclosed units designed for major municipal water supplier – Case Study

About the project: The water supply company identified nine critical boreholes that are at risk of producing water with high turbidity. If this is not addressed it can result in sub-standard water  reaching householders and the supply company receiving significant fines and negative publicity. These nine sites were located at a variety of locations in several different counties in the South of the UK. The company consequently carried out an assessment of possible solutions and …

This entry was posted on 7th May 2015