New Differential Pressure Gauge
Amazon Filters is now able to offer a new accessory for its 51 Series and 52 Series housings that provides significant benefits to the user in monitoring the performance and status of its filtration system. These housing ranges can now be supplied with a differential pressure monitoring device that fits directly on to the head.
The gauge has a differential pressure indicator that moves across a colour-coded scale as the filter blocks. The colour coded scale has three zones – green, yellow and red.
  • The green zone covers differential pressures between zero and 1.4 bar (marked ‘CLEAN’)
  • The yellow zone covers differential pressures between 1.4 bar and 2 bar (marked ‘CHANGE’)
  • The red zone covers differential pressures between 2 bar and 3 bar (marked ‘DIRTY’)
This enables the user of the filter, at a glance, to check on the status of the filter and whether it needs changing out soon.
This offers many benefits:-
  • Helps to avoid unexpected filter blockage and unscheduled downtime
  • Where there are more than one filter in a chain this accessory will help the user to understand which of the filters are blocking, ensuring only blocked filters are replaced and thus minimising operational costs
  • Provides data to help analyse if one of the filters in a chain does not have the optimum removal rating e.g. blocks too quickly and therefore an alternative should be considered.
Technical Specification
  • Gauge differential pressure range : 0 – 3 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature : 93°C
  • Body materials : Glass filled nylon
  • Wetted internal materials : Stainless steel, ceramic and glass filled nylon
  • Elastomers : Buna
For non-aqueous applications please verify compatibility with materials of construction
Ordering Information
This accessory is designed to be used with new housings, existing housings will need re-engineering to enable this device to be used. When a new 51 Series or 52 Series housing is ordered the differential pressure gauge will be supplied if the letter ‘T’ is used where ‘Mounting’ options are specified e.g. 520110AT10B1CE
Please contact the sales office for more information on availability 

This entry was posted on 7th Jun 2013