La nostra gamma di prodotti

Amazon Filter progetta e produce un estesa gamma di sistemi di filtrazione liquidi e fornisce uno dei più ampi assortimenti di contenitori filtranti, filtri profondi e cartucce pieghettate disponibili fin da subito, assicurando un trattamento eccellente e compatibilità dei filtri. La Amazon Filter è una tra le prime aziende che producono sistemi di filtrazione ed è in grado di fornire soluzioni per rispondere ai requisiti di filtrazione. I filtri Amazon vengono realizzati in ambiente sterile e tutti i prodotti sono accompagnati dalla Guida di Verifica del Prodotto e dalla documentazione per il Supporto Tecnico.

Recent News

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    Turbidity is one of the critical measures of water quality and is used by both water supply companies and industry regulators to ensure the water clarity is acceptable to the consumers. European Water Quality Directives, the World Health Organisation and the Drinking Water Inspectorate in the UK specify what is required to ensure the water supplied is ‘wholesome’ and turbidity limits are typically set at <1 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) and often set at <0.5NTU …

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    Let’s explore the different methods adopted when challenged with providing reliable chlorine removal solutions for public water supply. De-Chlorination – Treatment There will be occasions when water destined for public water supply, that has already been treated with chlorine, will have to be released back into the local water-course. Occasions such as filter backwash water, lagoon discharges, raw water, and treated water that cannot be put into supply (such as during treatment start-up or out …

  • Amazon Filters expands it’s Caspian Sea presence, in partnership with Kazakhstan based TOLI Global Solutions Ltd.

    One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of process filtration products, Amazon Filters Ltd has partnered with Kazakhstan based TOLI Global Solutions Ltd. to increase its brand awareness with Kazakhstan based Oil & Gas Operators. Amazon Filters Ltd has enjoyed considerable success in recent years, with bespoke process filtration solutions being supplied into the global Oil & Gas market. With a view to replicating such successes in new territories, Amazon’s Business Development Director (BDD) – Simon Hughes …

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    You can make a real difference to the water quality used in your business on heat transfer systems if you invest in equipment like FerroStik.

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