Hydrosphere® is an innovative new concept in water treatment delivering effluent free, pre-commission chemical cleaning and hydraulic testing of mechanical installations.


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All the components which make up the Hydrosphere® process are of the highest quality.  That’s why the Hydrosphere® filling and conditioning rigs are manufactured and assembled by us at Amazon Filters.  We were carefully selected by the Hydrosphere experts based on our technical merit, expertise and knowledge of the commissioning processes of open and closed loop heating and cooling systems.

So what is Hydrosphere? And who uses it?

Hydrosphere® provides an innovative and sustainable solution for pre-commission chemical cleaning and water treatment for the building services sector, a field of work that has had no real significant technological advances for many years.

Hydrosphere, in essence is a green process for the pre-commission cleaning of open and closed loop heating and cooling systems.  It follows closely the principles of the BSRIA guide on pre-commission cleaning with one main difference: Hydrosphere® overcomes the need to flush to drain.

The Hydrosphere process comprises two essential elements, and these are:

  • Pre-treatment of all system fill water
  • Dynamic system cleaning, via closed loop circuitry

The fundamental principles of the process were initially developed by the Hydrosphere team back in the early nineties, however more recently, effluent free cleaning has gained a higher profile due to their development work with Hydrosphere® and its capabilities.

Hydrosphere® can significantly reduce the programme time on large construction and infrastructure projects.

Hydrosphere Sectors:

Airports: At Heathrow, Hydrosphere was used to save in excess of 100,000,000 Litres of water during construction.  That’s around 40 Olympic swimming pools full of water!

Leisure: At the 2012 Olympics, Hydrosphere was used to dramatically reduce pollution and ensure speedy project completion and certainty.

Skyscrapers: Contractors working on some of Europe’s most prestigious buildings are particularly fond of Hydrosphere; it has been to defend against microbiological infestation over lengthy construction periods.

Data Centres: Hydrosphere is used on the UK’s largest data centres to save millions of litres of fresh water and to deliver project completion in record-breaking time.

Universities & Higher Education Estates: Hydrosphere has been used at top universities to stop early, rampant pipework corrosion in its tracks and prevent mechanical services completion from over-running.

Government & Public Sector Buildings: Hydrosphere is used to save half of all water consumed during the construction of government buildings! This was calculated by one of the largest construction companies in the world.  It also helped them gain BREEAM innovation credits.

Retail: Hydrosphere has dramatically reduced water treatment expenditure on several major commercial and retail developments.

Hospitals and Healthcare Estates: Using Hydrosphere, contractors have been able to prevent their hospital installations from being aggressively damaged from microbiologically induced corrosion and microbial infestation.

Hotels: With practical completion dates looming, Hydrosphere has been used to guarantee deliverability for project completion on some of London’s most prestigious hotels.

 In the UK & Europe, hydrosphere is carried out by licensed and approved Hydrosphere Contractors.

Hydrosphere Contractors are carefully selected on technical expertise. They are trained to ensure that work on your projects is undertaken to the highest possible industry standards.

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This entry was posted on 18th Mar 2014