We understand that filtration is sometimes a necessary evil and that in an ideal world you would prefer not to filter at all. However, it does provide the consistency of product quality and shelf life that is demanded of larger volume commercial wines. Our extensive portfolio of membrane and depth filters, when coupled with application support from our specialist partners around the globe, will ensure your wines quality all the way to the glass.

Getting sporadic contamination in your wine

Getting sporadic contamination in your wine?

The retention of typical microbial retentive filters is often validated using standard organisms such as Serratia marcescens. This can lead to micron ratings being assigned to filters without being correlated to retention of important relevant organisms such as Brettanomyces and Acetobacter oeni. It is important to ensure the filter being used is fully retentive to the specific potential contamination in the production line. Using the micron rating of a filter to indicate acceptability in the process is not enough.

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Problems with filters blocking mid-batch

Every wine, especially complex reds, differ in their filterability. Sometimes a filtration system based on a simple single layer membrane filter to eliminate spoilage organisms will not have the capacity for the volume throughput. In these situations, we can look to add or improve the prefiltration stage or alternatively provide filters with built in prefiltration. This is in the form of either a more open membrane or an integrated depth media to guarantee throughout as well as quality.

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Problems with filters blocking mid-batch
Pre- Stabilisation Filters suffering for degradation?

Pre- Stabilisation Filters suffering for degradation?

Tanker unloading and pre-stabilisation is an application where filters need to be extremely robust to withstand repeated CIP with chemicals in addition to providing high dirt holding capacity and microbial reduction. The potential high particulate loading at this point in the process means the choice of filter is particularly important if mid transfer blockage is not to occur. We can supply hybrid filters that combine pleated construction with high loft melt blown media that combines excellent dirt holding capacity with high flows and retention.

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Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


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