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The importance of effective water treatment is often underestimated in oil and gas production. Water intake quality can vary tremendously due to algae and plankton blooms, silts and other sediments and this will have significant impact on the performance of the water treatment facilities. We can provide easy operating, cost effective solutions to help maximise the production of water for injection.

Need Replacement Filter Quickly?

The availability of replacement process filter cartridges is often essential to the continued operation of a field or asset. The financial cost of even a few days of downtime can run into tens of millions of dollars. Operating a UK based 24/7 manufacturing plant Amazon Filters are as well placed as possible to respond to emergencies caused by stock errors, high usage rates, transport failures, or any other shortage threatening a costly plant shutdown.

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Oil Rig Supply Ship

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Guaranteed Protection for Seawater Membranes

Ensuring the correct level of protection for (RO) and (SRF) membranes is essential to avoid frequent CIP cycles, downtime, reduced throughput, and costly premature membrane replacement. Amazon Filters bespoke cartridge technology has been optimised for this very requirement over two decades of experience, our cartridges deliver repeatable, reliable protection, while not prematurely blinding like normal cartridges. Amazon Filters experience in the sizing and selection of appropriate technology considering the upstream and downstream factors can deliver costs saving for both new installations and existing operating plant.

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Need to improve housing ergonomics?

A filter housing is much more than just a pressure envelope that holds the filter media in place, the filter media must be periodically changed out and here the design of a filter housing to make this task as quick, safe, and repeatable as possible is key. There are significant hidden costs in selecting an inappropriate housing design – downtime and labour hours on complex operation procedures, overhead lifting provision, high differential pressures, and unreliable cartridge sealing. Amazon Filters housings are preferred and specified by operators knowing the true value delivered by good ergonomics.

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Oil and Gas Housings

Oil and Gas Upstream produced water

Produced water filtration

Produced water is one of the growing challenges facing the industry as maturing fields and EOR operations lead to ever greater volumes to process. Amazon Filters offers a range of solutions to remove both solids and oil from the water stream, either to meet environmental limits or the requirements of the injection wells. Technologies include disposable and cleanable solids cartridge solutions, high efficiency coalescers, and oil adsorptive guard filters.

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Correct material selection

Oil & Gas processing environments contain many fluids that are aggressive to metal filter housing, from sour and acidic fluids through to high chloride concentrations, all at ever more challenging temperatures. With fields regularly being operated past their intended design lives corrosion of carbon steel process equipment is a serious issue as linings and coatings fail. Amazon Filters has a long history in the supply of housings in corrosion resistant alloys including SS 316L, 22Cr Duplex, 25Cr SDSS, Titanium, and Nickel Alloys, and have the expertise to match appropriately to the process conditions, ensuring that the equipment will be worry free for the eventual life of the field.

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Pleated Filters by Amazon Filters

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


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By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

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