The quality of the final product on the shelf is paramount for you as a manufacturer. This quality can be compromised if insufficient attention is given to the filtration of utilities such as steam and air and raw ingredients such as the water and sugar syrups. Conducting a HACCP audit on specific filtration steps will highlight where the focus needs to be and what improvements need to be made. We can work with you to solve any filtration problems and ensure the most cost-effective process is implemented.

Throughput on sugar solution reducing batch to batch?

Throughput on sugar solution reducing batch to batch?

Filtration steps to remove undissolved particles and reduce turbidity are used for multiple batches of syrup solutions. The maintenance of filtration performance from batch to batch through regular flushing and conditioning is critical in maximising service life. Optimising this part of the process can lead to a doubling in filter service life.

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Protecting your Process Water Quality

Incoming water quality into your water treatment plant can vary considerably in terms of turbidity, mineral content, chlorine content etc. Filtration plays a key role in protecting purification steps such as ion exchange resins, RO membrane and ensuring UV systems work effectively. We have a wide range of depth filters to ensure protection and improve overall service life. If incoming water quality is leading to premature blockage of prefiltration stages due to biofouling we also supply filters with antimicrobial technology to prevent this.

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Protecting your Process Water Quality
Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


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