Reliable sterile filtration for the most difficult solutions

Todays ophthalmic prescriptive drugs and lens care solutions have a wide variety of additives to enhance the user experience with respect to comfort and efficacy. These additives can play havoc with filtration systems and reduce efficiencies in production if not properly designed. We can help you implement an optimised system to guarantee sterility of your final product while maximising throughputs and reducing processing times.

Not able to repeatedly process full batches of product

Not able to repeatedly process full batches of product?

Cellulose based additives such as HPMC and CMC can have variable in the quality of the raw materials. This variability can cause problems with the mixing step and problems such as undissolved or part dissolved components can occur. Sometimes the filtration step can actually cause further precipitation of the cellulose based solution. Careful design and selection of the filtration system can help to eliminate these problems as provide trouble free processing of the batch.

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Suffering product loss through low percentage preservative at final fill?

Below specification concentration of preservatives such as BAK and PHMB can be caused by the adsorption preservative on the filtration membrane. This can be mitigated by flowing to drain until the required specification is reached or recirculating to fully saturate the membrane with preservative. Getting the filtration stage designed correctly at the beginning can shorten your time to market as well as maximising product margins

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Suffering product loss through low percentage preservative at final fill
Is cost per litre your driver

Is cost per litre your driver?

If you are manufacturing a simple lens care solution for packaging that is relatively easy to filter you will want to concentrate on trying to minimise your production costs. Solutions without complex comfort agents that mainly contain preservatives can be sized at much higher flux rates without affecting the quality of the final product. Using a filter with a high flux rate membrane and low preservative binding characteristics can effectively reduce your cost per litre, facilitating an increase number of processed batches per day

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Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


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