Guinness is an iconic Irish drink but it has now made a change that makes this much-loved stout suitable for vegans.

The brewery traditionally used isinglass to filter its beer. This is a gelatine product that’s made using the swim bladders of fish. As a result, many vegetarians and vegans have avoided the beverage, but now the brewer is making a change.

However, the company revealed that it’s changing its beer filtration system because the process has improved and is even better at removing the yeast without detracting from the flavour, rather than to allow vegetarians and vegans to drink it.

Guinness expects all of its variations to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans by the end of this year, with the stout supplied from kegs already fine for those who’d rather avoid animal products in their diets.

On its FAQ page, the brewery stated that it will take until the end of the year for the full distribution of bottled and canned Guinness to be isinglass-free. “So until then, our advice to vegans is to consume the product from the keg format only for now,” the website revealed.

The quality of a beer is important to maintain sales and brand reputation, with a report earlier this year highlighting the significant financial cost that poor beer quality has on the industry.

Every year, £709 million is lost as a result of poor beer quality, the 2017 The Beer Quality Report stated. That equals a loss of around £14,600 per pub in the UK, the research noted.

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This entry was posted on 13th May 2017