Buildings located in urban areas are likely to experience significant contamination of the water circuits in the cooling tower system. Dirt and particles generated by vehicles, local building works etc. will be transferred from the air passing through the cooling tower air to the cooling water. If the level of this contamination is not controlled it will affect the operation of the heat exchange system the cooling water feeds into.

When to consider Side Stream Filters.

Under these circumstances, significant improvement might be realised with the use of a Side Stream filter. Amazon Filters recommends the use of cleanable mesh strainers in the water circuit to remove the bulk of this contaminant. Typically, we supply duplex systems consisting of our 88 Series housings, strainers and the appropriate valving to allow continuous operation. One filter system can be operated whilst the other system is isolated and cleaned. The system is designed with the operator in mind and allows easy access to and removal of the filter baskets.

A properly designed and installed Side Stream filter has proven to help manage the above mentioned and any other issues surrounding cooling towers, additionally it can also help benefit your system in the following ways:

  • Reducing Corrosion Rates
  • Increasing Equipment Life
  • Improving System Efficiency
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs
  • Improving Chemical Control

The main question is when should you consider sidestream filters? The installation of a Side Stream filter is a capital expense which may be hard to justify, however, consider the following as an indication:

  • The system is having a difficult biological problem even though a good biocide program is in effect.
  • Heat exchangers are opening dirty even though a good antifouling program is being used.
  • Excessive corrosion rates can be traced to fouling.
  • Loss of heat transfer is attributed to deposition rather than corrosion.
  • High levels of solids are building up in the sump.
  • Heat exchangers require frequent mechanical cleanings.

These are merely indicators and by identifying these potential threats to your systems and solutions to those threats, you can determine the paybacks of installing a Side Stream filtration system.

If the decision is to install a Side Stream filtration system, some of these benefits are listed below; however, not all these benefits will apply to every system:

  • Since solids are removed from the system, the corrosion inhibitor will lay down its protective film on clean rather than dirty surfaces, thereby reducing corrosion rates and increasing equipment life.
  • When used with good chemical treatment, the filter will keep the system much cleaner, and, as a result, the need for mechanical cleaning of exchangers and sumps is reduced.
  • A cleaner system means better heat-transfer rates for longer periods of time.
  • In some cases, the removal of suspended solids from the circulating water allows higher cycle.
  • Large biological growths and dead organisms are removed with a Side Stream filter making biocides more effective.

Side Stream filtration is an effective tool for the control of deposition and fouling in a cooling water system.

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This entry was posted on 16th Jun 2014