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The two most commonly used process filters used throughout industry today are the pleated depth type and the meltblown true depth type, but where should we use each to its best benefit?

The filters themselves have very different construction characteristics.

The pleated depth is quite a thin media, ranging from 2-4mm thick, but being pleated offers a relatively high surface area giving it excellent flow to differential pressure characteristics.

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Meltblown depth filter

Whereas the true depth media is around 14mm thick and therefore has exceptional dirt holding characteristics, however it’s surface area is limited and therefore when compared to a pleated depth media, offers a lower flow to differential pressure characteristic. Therefore your filter choice should be made that matches filters relative strength with the right application.

Pleated depth filters are the common choice for relative clean systems or when the contamination has a very consistent or classified size.

In this instance the high surface area offers a higher flow characteristic which in turn offers low initial costs and lower running costs.

Meltblown depth filters are selected where higher contamination levels or where variability in the size of the contamination is much wider and therefore the high dirt holding capacity of the product is utilised, resulting in lower running costs.

It is common to find that the wrong initial selection has been made, often for cost reasons, however if you follow these simple recommendations then in the vast majority of applications you will invariably select the correct filter type.

There are many industries that rely on effective filtration for their critical processes and Amazon Filters is a company with a proven track record for reliability and performance in supplying the equipment they need. Watch the following video to find out more about our capabilities here.

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This entry was posted on 16th Jul 2015