Amazon Team Leader Supports Community in Gambia

An African holiday turned into almost a decade of charitable work and donation for one of Amazon Filters staff.

Angie Myles, a Production Team Leader in our cartridge manufacturing unit in Camberley, has been travelling to The Gambia with her husband for 9 years. What started all those years ago as a search for some exotic winter sun has turned into an annual charity mission to help support a local community and school in the West African country.Angie Photo 1 smallest

On their first trip in November 2005, they met a man working at the Kombo Beach Hotel where they were staying. He took Angie and her husband to visit his local village, around 20 minutes’ drive from the relative luxury of the beach side resorts along the coast. They visited his children’s school which had no sponsorship and very few learning materials or facilities. Upon her return home Angie decided to do something for the children she had met and began to request and collect donations from colleagues, family and friends.

After an appeal for donations here at Amazon Angie received an overwhelmingly positive response from her colleagues who brought in everything from old toys, to school uniforms and shoes. Angie quickly created a stock pile of useful gifts for the children she had met which she also topped up with school supplies such as colouring books, crayons, rubbers, rulers, learning sheets and maps for the schools classroom walls; all of which she took out the following year to the delight of the Gambian school’s staff and pupils.

Angie’s local community has also joined in , including Aldershot FC who have donated some of their old training balls to the children.

This charitable exchange has continued every year since 2005, and is quite the event for both Angie and the school children she supports.

“It’s like giving them a £1000,” says Angie who has watched many of the children grow up and flourish over her annual visits.

Angie and her husband will be traveling to Gambia again this November, and Angie has already begun collecting supplies and donations from Amazon staff; it looks like the connection and cultural exchange between The Gambian school and Amazon Filters is set to continue.

“We will carry on doing it for as long as we can afford to do it”, Angie jovially concluded.