Amazon Filters ‘Waste to Energy’ Scheme

Amazon Filters, a manufacturer and global supplier of liquid filtration equipment, has teamed up with a major international waste management company to create a first-to-market waste hierarchical improvement for filter users.

Having recognised that the use of disposable process filters may not be ideally eco-friendly, Amazon partnered with the waste management company to develop a Waste to Energy (WTE) scheme for used filters. 

 The Energy Recovery Facilities utilise World-Class technology to safely transform residual cartridge waste into energy for the National Grid, generating enough energy to power > 40,000 homes annually.

Energy recovery makes an important contribution to reducing the UK’s long-term energy gap and helps increase landfill diversion as part of an integrated waste management strategy.

Benefits for The Filter User

Carbon footprint improvement

Sustainable, holistic and green approach to disposal

Supports ‘zero to landfill’ targets

For more details click here. To visit the website of the  Energy Recovery company click here.



This entry was posted on 10th Jun 2015