Client: Major Manufacturer of Polymers
Building Location: North Europe
Sector: Polymers and Chemicals

Contamination Control in Ethane Vapour Stream

The polymer manufacturer had instigated a project to increase the Ethane Vapourisation capacity and recognised the need to remove traces of rust and hard deposits from the ethane vapour stream once it had passed through the new heat exchanger.

Controlling these contaminants is vital to ensure optimum performance of the polypropylene
production operation. The filter was to be installed as a Propylene Refrigerant Sub Cooler Guard Filter and located downstream of the new Ethylene Refrigeration Desuperheater.

Amazon Filters reviewed the critical process requirements e.g. flow rate, level of filtration required etc and selected a system involving a special 89 Series housing and a DuoMesh
stainless steel basket.

Amazon Case StudyThe new filtration system was required to fit into the existing process system therefore Amazon Filters were given specific dimensions and orientation for the process connections. It was vital that the 89 Series housing was fabricated to these dimensions.

Consequently the housing was constructed using 8 inch equal tees instead of the conventional schedule pipes. An additional complication was the filter was to be used in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions i.e. working temperature down to minus 100°C.

Therefore Amazon Filters were tasked with providing the housing fully insulated. This was particularly challenging as the filter housing will need to be opened during routine maintenance periods necessitating the removal of the insulation from around the top closure and process connection. To ensure this was as easy and practical as possible Amazon designed the
vessels to have multiple insulation sections, with fixed insulation on the vertical section of the housing and removable insulation section on the top closure and process connections.

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This entry was posted on 9th Apr 2015