29th  octobre 2019
Manganese Blog
Financial and quality benefits of a Manganese Removal System

Challenges you may be facing...

When looking to achieve required levels of water quality, there is increasing and relentless pressure to reach the high standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO) and Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

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23rd  octobre 2019
British Water BW
ON BOARD: Why we have joined British Water

We are delighted to have joined the water industry membership organisation British Water as part of our continual journey of growth.

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20th  septembre 2019
Cryptosporidium Control By Filtration

Around the world, water utility companies share a common threat to consumer health posed by Cryptosporidium entering the water supply.

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20th  septembre 2019
Jeff Kirby
Taps tighten on water pollution: what the new EU rules mean for you

Communities across the world have been moved to action by growing awareness of the terrible global problems caused by throwaway plastic.

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28th Janvier 2019
Skid Up to The Challenge
Skid Up to The Challenge

DWI R31 compliant skid mounted water treatment filtration system meets the turbidity challenge set by ageing conventional borehole stations. 

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17th  décembre 2018
Iron Removal from Public Water Supply

In this article we look at how iron affects water quality and the different methods available for removing iron from groundwater.

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4th  décembre 2018
How We're Reducing Our (and your) Impact On The Environment
29th  octobre 2018
Cryptosporidium doesn't care about your filter's 1µm label

Cryptosporidium oocyst are typically between 3µm and 6µm in size. Common sense would suggest that a 1µm rated filter would filter out all cryptosporidium oocysts from the source

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16th  octobre 2018
Municipal Water - Turbidity
Tackling Water Turbidity

Turbidity is one of the critical measures of water quality and is used by both water supply companies and industry regulators to ensure the water clarity is acceptable to the consumers.

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10th  octobre 2018
Reliable Methods Of Chlorine Removal
Reliable Methods Of Chlorine Removal

Let’s explore the different methods adopted when challenged with providing reliable chlorine removal solutions for public water supply.

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21st  août 2017
How SupaPleat Can Help Protect Against Cryptosporidium
21st  août 2017
Process Water
How You Could Benefit From Investing In Amazon Filters FerroStik
28th  juin 2017
Bars and Pubs
Filtered Water The New Must Have For Bars And Pubs

If you are looking for activated carbon filters for your bar then you may be interested to hear that you are not the only one.

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Qu'est-ce que

Ce que le travail avec les filtres Amazon peut faire pour vous

En mettant l'accent sur les économies sur la durée de vie, vous pouvez garantir un rendement constant et de haute qualité sans nuire à la production, tout en améliorant vos résultats financiers.

Assurer la qualité de vos produits

Nos filtres peuvent remplacer directement vos filtres existants, assurant ainsi que la qualité reste la même.

L'approche Amazon F4P

Nos experts techniques peuvent auditer votre processus pour s'assurer que vous obtenez le meilleur processus au meilleur prix.

Gérer votre stock, la logistique et la livraison

Des options de livraison flexibles vous assurent d'avoir le stock où et quand vous en avez besoin, sans temps d'arrêt.

Vous aider à réduire vos coûts de fabrication

Amazon peut garantir une économie minimale de 10% sur les dépenses annuelles.

Service à la clientèle transparent

Nous travaillerons avec vous, comme et quand vous le souhaitez. Pas d'excuses - juste un service à la clientèle honnête et transparent, soutenu par des années d'expérience.