Amazon Filters supplies a wide range of filters for the treatment of water. This range includes filters for removal of particulates, for bioburden control and for protection of RO membranes.
We are one of the leading suppliers of filters for drinking water and information on our capabilities can be seen in a feature on page 10 of the Water and Sewerage Journal. This can be accessed at . This feature reviews Amazon Filters                         SupaSpun II R31 filters which are specifically designed and qualified for use in the purification and supply of public water and have been adopted by many of the major water supply companies.
SupaSpun II R31 can be used in a range of applications including removal of Cryptosporidium oocysts, reduction of turbidity, Boundary box filtration, membrane system protection and are on the DWI’s List of Approved Products for use in Public Water Supply in the UK. The filters have been qualified for removal of cryptosporidium at an independent DWI approved laboratory.

Amazon Filters also designs housings to support the use of filter cartridges. These can be supplied as ready to install and use skids fitted with pipe work, valving, pumps etc, so can easily and quickly be connected to the water treatment system. Typically these systems are found to be much lower cost than alternative water treatment equipment.

More information on our capabilities in water treatment can be found by clicking here.

This entry was posted on 14th Jun 2011