Working together towards zero waste to landfill

Amazon Filters, a manufacturer and global supplier of liquid filtration equipment, has teamed up with a major international waste management company to create a first-to-market system that provides more eco-friendly management of used filter waste.

 Waste to Energy 1

Improper disposal of products that have reached the end of their useful life can be extremely detrimental to the environment. With sustainability and the green objectives of their customers at the forefront, Amazon Filters has partnered with one the largest international waste management companies to develop a Waste to Energy (WTE) scheme for used filters.

The WTE scheme provides Amazon Filters’ customers with a valuable solution to the challenge of ensuring that redundant filters are disposed of responsibly. The used process filters are transferred to the Energy Recovery facility where they are used to generate electricity.

Using the WTE process diverts waste materials from landfill, thus minimising the impact upon the environment whilst producing a valuable source of energy.

Energy Recovery Facilities utilise World-Class technology to safely transform residual cartridge waste into energy for the National Grid, generating enough energy to power > 40,000 homes annually.

Waste to Energy

Energy recovery makes an important contribution to reducing the UK’s long-term energy gap and helps increase landfill diversion as part of an integrated waste management strategy.

Benefits for The Filter User:

  • Carbon footprint improvement
  • Sustainable, holistic and green approach to disposal
  • Supports ‘zero to landfill’ targets

For more information from Amazon Filters, click here. To visit the website of the Energy Recovery Company click here.

Environmental Management System

In all its business processes, Amazon Filters recognises its Environmental responsibilities and operates an ISO 14001:2004 accredited Environmental Management System.  The policy is in place to help protect and preserve the environment by ensuring waste is kept to a minimum and their manufacturing plants are non-polluting.

They achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that they comply fully with the current environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are appropriate to the business.
  • Implementing waste minimisation programs and recycling initiatives wherever practical within their facilities.
  • Implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing and product technologies wherever technically and economically feasible.
  • Setting objectives for improvement as part of the Management Review of the Environmental Management System and monitor progress towards them throughout the year.
  • Advising any interested parties of our policy and offering advice and information as appropriate.

For a copy of Amazon Filters’ Environment Protection Policy click here

Amazon Filters – First Class Filtration Equipment Manufacturers

Amazon Filters Ltd is one of the leading filtration equipment manufacturers. They provide an extensive range of pleated, depth and bag filters for liquids, gases and air. They also design and manufacture the widest selection of filter vessels available on the market and can design bespoke housings to meet particular requirements.

Products include:

Filter Cartridges and Capsules

Filter Housings

Bag Filters

We supply filters for a range of industries and applications including:-

Food and Beverage



Contained Filter Systems

Oil and Gas

Building Services

Water Treatment

Chemicals and Coatings

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This entry was posted on 17th Jun 2015