There are many industries that rely on effective filtration for their critical processes and Amazon Filters is a company with a proven track record for reliability and performance in supplying the equipment they need. Watch the following video to find out more about our capabilities here:

In addition to manufacturing a wide range or standard products we also have the ability to customise filter structures for particularly demanding applications. This ensures we offer the optimum solution for all the applications we supply to.

Our range of products includes pleated membrane, pleated depth and melt-blown depth filters in different materials and with a wide range of removal efficiencies.

  • Meltblown Depth Filters – Amazon Filters is recognised as leaders in the field of melt-blown depth filter cartridge technology. Our leading-edge research and state of the art equipment enables us to manufacture a product with a true tapered pore structure providing superior flow rates, high dirt capacity and minimised costs.
  • Pleated Depth Filters – Our range of pleated depth filters is truly impressive. They are available as standard or large bore high flow cartridges with a wide range of absolute ratings and like all of our products are supported with a detailed Product Validation Guide so are qualified for the most demanding of applications.
  • Pleated Membrane Filters – We supply membrane filters in a range of materials and have products specifically designed for critical industries such as those involved in pharmaceutical product and beverage manufacturing. These filters are fully validated and can be produced using all the main cartridge end cap styles in both junior and standard sizes.

All of our filters are manufactured in a clean environment using well-defined procedures and quality plans, thus ensuring that the highest quality and cleanliness standards are consistently maintained.

Amazon Filters is regularly audited and shown to be in compliance with current, good manufacturing requirements.

So whether you’re looking for replacements for your existing filters or need a solution for a new filtration requirement, why not call or email Amazon Filters now for all your filtration needs.

Watch our Filter Cartridge and Capsule Manufacturing Capabilities video to find out more today.


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 Amazon Filters – First Class Filtration Equipment Manufacturers

Amazon Filters Ltd is one of Europe’s leading filtration equipment manufacturers. They provide an extensive range of pleated, depth and bag filters for liquids, gases and air.

Products include:

Filter Cartridges and Capsules

Filter Housings

Bag Filters

We supply filters for a range of industries and applications including:-

Food and Beverage



Contained Filter Systems

Oil and Gas

Building Services

Water Treatment

Chemicals and Coatings


This entry was posted on 1st Jul 2015