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Relevance of Pharmaceutical Industry GMP to Filter Manufacturing

The manufacturing operations of Amazon Filters’ customers from the Pharmaceutical Industry are controlled by country or regional based independent Regulators such as FDA and EMA. Information on two of these can be seen below and these are typical of most of the Regulators found across the world. US Food and Drug Administration FDA is responsible for protecting the public health of the USA by assuring that human and veterinary drugs, and vaccines and other biological …

This entry was posted on 20th Feb 2015

Highly Corrosion Resistant Filter Housings for Multi-Purpose API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) Plant

Client: International Pharmaceutical Company Building Location: Europe Sector: Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing The Client was building a new major Multi-Purpose Plant for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.  The Synthesis Plant is designed to manufacture chemical API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for solid oral dosage forms and parenteral products for the markets of European Union, Eastern Europe, United States of America, Russia, Japan and other countries. Being a Multi-Purpose Plant the filtration equipment would be subjected to …

This entry was posted on 9th Feb 2015

The Importance of Voids Volume to Process Filter Performance

When comparing cartridge performance, most people only go as far as looking at the surface area for comparison. The voids volume of a material is as an important characteristic, if not more as it is an exponential increasing function rather than the linear function when comparing surface areas of process filter cartridges. Voids volume is the measure of the free space in a material and is measured as a ratio of empty volume in the …

This entry was posted on 4th Feb 2015