There has been a rise in the number of new wineries founded in England and Wales in the past year, while existing wineries in both countries have also reported growth in sales.

The Guardian recently highlighted the strength of the sector, citing HMRC figures that show 64 new wine businesses were launched in 2016, a rise of 73 per cent over the previous year.

What’s more, existing winemakers have also been performing well, with Chapel Down, which is based in Kent, telling the newspaper it saw sales climb by 22 per cent last year. In addition, Winbirri Vineyards in Norfolk took home the world’s best value single variety still white wine award at the high-profile Decanter World Wine Awards in May.

According to the news provider, the south of England has proved to be a good place for making certain wines, with sparkling whites from this region doing particularly well. English wine production is now being taken seriously on both a local and global platform which has enabled the industry to thrive.

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This entry was posted on 22nd Jun 2017