Amazon offers a wide range of microfiltration membrane filter products for the sterilisation of liquids and gases, suitable for critical applications across a wealth of process industries.

The combination of membrane filter technology and cartridge hardware offers an optimised solution for all applications.

The SupaPore VP (PES) is an example of a particularly versatile membrane filter, with a high surface area made of advanced polyethersulfone. This product has two distinct ranges designed to provide optimum cost effectiveness in every application.

The SupaPore VPB is designed for pharmaceutical applications and is available with a complete validation package. Its removal ratings are tested for complete retention of industry standard organisms from PDA. There is a further product in the range, SupaPore VPBA, which is a dual-layer filter with a built-in prefilter, specifically targeting more difficult liquids - such as serums.

The VPW range is specifically targeted at beverage industry - wine, water, beer and soft drinks - and again has been specifically developed to remove beverage spoilage organisms, such as Oenococcus Oeni & Brettanomyces. An additional product in the range is the SupaPore VPWS, which has been repeatedly integrity tested for wine and mineral water applications, as well as providing a long service life.

Amazon supply a range of cartridge filters that are specifically engineered for critical liquid and gas sterilisation applications, using PTFE membranes.

SupaPore THB and TPB cartridges, which slot in easily to both new projects and retrofit applications, can be used across pharmaceutical, beverage, venting and fermentation sterile gas applications.

However, another great quality of PTFE membrane is its chemical resistance. Amazon has developed a number of product ranges to use this property, including the SupaPore TPB range for hydrocarbon solvent applications, and SupaPore TLB, where the polypropylene hardware of the TPB has been replaced with Halar, for even greater strength.

For the greatest chemical resistance - filtration of highly corrosive materials, such as nitric and hydrochloric acid - there is the SupaPore TT, an all-PTFE cartridge. These cartridges are used extensively throughout chemical synthesis in API production, as well as all chemical applications where high-quality output is required.

To find the ideal filtration solution for your process, browse our range of membrane filter cartridges.

SUPAPORE VPsupaporevp

SupaPore VP utilises a high surface area advanced PES (polyethersulphone) membrane media. This naturally hydrophilic media exhibits high flow rates and low binding of active ingredients. It is designed for critical applications such as removal of microorganisms or ultrafine particulates.

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SupaPore VPWVPWS and VPWA filters are specifically designed for microbiological stabilisation of beverage products. They provide excellent flow rates and superior throughputs, without affecting taste, aroma or colour. All materials of construction meet both European and US food contact requirements.

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SUPAPORE VP BIOLOGICAL FILTERSSupa-Pore-Group-2-cut-out-e1519301886448

SupaPore VPGVPB and VPBA filters are ideally suited to meet the demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Specifically designed for microbiological sterilisation and bioburden control in larger scale production facilities. They feature our high flow, highly Asymmetric naturally hydrophilic PES (Polyethersulphone) membrane media with the VPBA featuring a built in pre-filter layer for enhanced throughout and for more challenging applications.

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SUPAPORE NP72-Dome-CutOut-e1431513398124

SupaPore NP Microfiltration cartridges use a pleated high surface area naturally hydrophilic Nylon 66 membrane that has been designed for use in a wide range of liquid processing applications. The filters contain no wetting agents and have very low levels of extractables and are ideal for systems requiring a reliable and consistent high-quality filtrate.

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SUPAPORE TL16-1-CutOut-e1433858542435

SupaPore TL Microfiltration cartridges have been specifically designed for use in corrosive gases and liquid processing applications. A naturally highly hydrophobic PTFE membrane and Halar ECTFE structure makes this the cartridge of choice where high resistance to aggressive fluids is required.

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SUPAPORE TTG16-7-Single-CutOut-1-300x186

Membrane cartridge filters are typically constructed with a large surface area of thin polymeric filter media, pleated to fit into a relatively small assembly. This results in a filter that offers high flow rates and low pressure losses. These filters are ideal for use in critical applications in the Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Fine Chemicals and Micro Electronics Industries.

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SUPAPORE TTEsupaporett

SupaPore TT filters are constructed using fluoropolymers for the hardware and a PTFE membrane. This cartridge offers the very best in chemical compatibility. They can be used in a wide range of applications including the filtration of solvents and aggressive chemicals used in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

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SUPAPORE TPsupaporetp

SupaPore TP filters utilise a PTFE membrane to make the best hydrophobic cartridge available. They are ideal as a sterilising vent filter and for the filtration of critical air and gases. SupaPore TP can also be used for liquid processes, where the PTFE media rated at 0.1–3 µm offers excellent chemical compatibility.

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SupaPore TP Vent filters are fitted with a ½“ BSP male connector and are specifically designed for venting applications and to be used as vacuum break filters for autoclaves. They are manufactured using a naturally hydrophobic PTFE membrane, ensuring high flow rates and low pressure drops under a wide range of conditions.

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SUPAPORE THBsupaporethb

SupaPore THB filters, rated at 0.02µm absolute, are designed specifically for use in a wide range of aggressive gas and liquid applications. Manufactured using PTFE membrane and a robust polypropylene core they exhibit high strength and excellent compatibility. SupaPore THB filters are more suited to aggressive processes than standard membrane cartridges.

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